Da Hong Pao

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Strongly developed stone tea, with high mineral content and a significant cup.

Flavour: rich, long-lasting, fruity

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The colour of the dried tea leaf is brown with burgundy and green hues, has a rich taste with a sweet aftertaste. In subsequent brews the taste, colour and aroma of tea change: at first, it is rich, with an element of astringency, and then it shows lighter, fruity shades. The colour of the tea infusion is from the dark golden to the rich amber.

There are some interesting steps in processing of this tea. Collection: raw are collected once a year from 1st to 15th may. A branch with the first four leaves is torn off. Roasting: the master determines when to stop fermentation, and then the leaf is sent to roasting, which destroys the enzymes and stops the fermentation process. Roasting takes place in a hot pot for several minutes. Slow warming over coals (Hong Bay). This is the final stage in the production of rock teas. For about a day, the tea is warmed in special wicker baskets over coals. A layer of ash regulates the temperature of the heat over the coals.

The coals change several times during the entire time.


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